Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nature & God's Amazing Creation

I've been in Holland for over 2 weeks now, I still can't get over how beautiful everything is. There are animals everywhere, green fields, and lots of flowers. I feel like I'm constantly reminded of how amazing God's creation is. Everything is just perfect. The feeling of seeing beautiful landscapes is definitely something you don't get often in Cairo. Here are some pics of the area around my grandfather's house. I will be moving to The Hague soon inshallah, and even there you still manage to see lots of nature, which is amazing for a city.

Cows - my favourite animals after Shetland ponies

These cute little sheep are right next door to where I live

Shetland ponies - the cutest animals on earth!


nadia said...

MashaAllah, the place looks so beautiful, fresh and peaceful!

PS: Please keep sharing pictures and tales about how it is living there :)

struggling said...

wow subanAllah those pictures are really beautiful! The sheep are so cute too

Faith in Writing said...

Oh ow the pictures are so nice. And I can't believe you're so young!! I thought you were older, not sure why.
Are you married? Why were you living in Egypt before?
I'm intrigued now.

Umm Omar said...

Wow, how beautiful, masha'Allah. Looks a lot like the U.S. Yes, I definitely miss that when I go to Egypt.

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Nadia: yes it definitely is. I love the fresh air above all, esp. after living in Cairo.
I will keep updating for sure :)

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Struggling: yeah the place is so beautiful, mashallah. I love the sheep, they're adorable. There are like 10 of them and sometimes they'll run up to you when you're walking past. It's so cute! (But can be scary when they're all making noise.)

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Faith in Writing: No, I'm not married. I grew up in Zambia then moved to Egypt to do my Bachelor's. I just graduated in Feb and will be starting my Master's in Holland inshallah this Sept. My dad is Egyptian and my mum is Dutch, hence Egypt and Holland :D

Yasemin said...

I love these photos habibty. I'm so glad you left one of the more polluted countries for one of the greenest. Additionally you have this great opportunity for dawah now! Love you so very much!