Thursday, July 23, 2009

10 Honest Things

I'm kind of late in doing this so I can't remember who exactly tagged me (aside from lovely Nadia since she tagged me yesterday) and I also can't remember who has/hasn't done it, so I'm not sure who to tag at the end. I'll do what Candice did and tag anyone who's reading who hasn't done it yet =)

1. I have a Starbucks addiction. It's been nearly 2 weeks without any Starbucks and I can feel strong withdrawal symptoms. I miss my vanilla skimmed latte and carrot cake :(

2. I would love to write an academic book on women and Islam one day, but I'm so scared of it not doing well/no one reading it/getting criticised.

3. I want to have babies one day but I'm scared of it changing my body so much that it won't go back to the way it was before.

4. I love blogging even more than I thought I would, and I love it when other bloggers mention me in their posts - I get very giddy and excited!

5. I'm a gym rat - I love working out and going to the gym.

6. I cry whenever I see Makkah on TV/hear the Madinah/Makkah adhaans.

7. I can be very sensitive and paranoid, especially when I'm insecure about something.

8. I would love to have a few Shetland ponies as pets, just so I can hug them all the time.

9. Sometimes I feel like I can't be liberal and Muslim at the same time, which really worries me.

10. I miss more things about Cairo than I'd like to admit.


nadia said...

Thanks for playing the tag, Sara. That is a beautiful list! How far is the nearest Starbucks from where you live now?

Our bodies wont return to its former self after child birth, but when you are married, you would want to have children and the worries about your own body would take a back seat.

I also cry when I see Makkah on TV :(

PS: Nice to get to know more about you :)

Umm Omar said...

#2-I'm sure it would do really, really well!

#3-don't worry, it will because you're a "gym rat"

#6 & #8-aaaw, masha'Allah.

btw, I did tag you for this, too, so thanks for doing it!

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Nadia: the closest Starbucks is 2.15 hours away!! Inshallah when I move to the Hague it won't be so bad, then Starbucks will be an hour away...then I can go once a week or something hehe.

You're right, I'm sure once I'm married and have kids my body will take a back seat =)

I really enjoyed reading your 10 things too. The one where you said you fall in love with your husband every time you look in his eyes was so cute, mashallah!

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Umm Omar: I'm using my grandpa's pc because my laptop won't connect to his internet, and for some reason some pages don't load on this pc and yours is one of them unfortunately :(
So I go to my aunt's house with my laptop every few days just to check your blog :) So sorry if I don't comment as quick as before.

Candice said...

I don't go to Starbucks, but I love my coffee! I'm lucky to have Van Houte coffee at work every day or else it would get expensive! I like Tim Hortons here, but that's a Canadian thing. :P

3. It won't go back to what it was before, but you can still look gorgeous! My husband likes it better now, even if I did get stretch marks from my huge baby. :p So don't worry!

Faith in Writing said...

2. Don't worry about it. As I'm sure you may have already learned from the blogging sphere: whatever you write, some people will love it and other people will hate (you for) it. I've stopped posting about my family because I got a major hater on that one... but with anything you publish, some will love it, some won't. Not every book is for everyone.

3. I wish I'd thought about this before I had a baby, but then the up side of having a baby way outweighs not having one. I wouldn't take the skinniest body in the world back to give my baby girl up.

8. I grew up riding shetlands a guy next door to us had. They are soooo cute!

9. Exactly......

Anonymous said...

#1 - me too...although I like Tully's too (that's a local place). :)
#3 - I would say it's worth it. Not like you'd be flashing your stretch marks for random guys to see after you have a baby anyway. :D I see them as my "battle wounds", and proof I actually gave birth. :D
You might not go back to the same, but you can get it almost back, or have surgery. :))
#4 - me too
#5 - I'm totally different, I hate the gym and don't belong to one. I'd rather walk than anything else. Good for you though. :)
#6 - that brings tears to my eyes too
#7 - me too
#8 - that's cute. :)
#9 - I think you can

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Candice: I've heard of Tim Hortons from friends who live in Canada!

Haha that's good to hear, that it can get better after giving birth!

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Faith in Writing: thanks for the wise words =) I think you have to have very thick skin to publish something!

Awww I can't believe you rode Shetland ponies. That must have been sooo much fun!

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Aynur: LOL @ "Not like you'd be flashing your stretch marks for random guys to see after you have a baby anyway". Yeah good point!!

I love walking too, but you can't really walk in Cairo. Here I walk more often, or bike. It's a nice change from going to the gym.

G said...

I like how I get to know a few things about you here that I probably would never get around to in one of our hangouts. I miss you by the way! I don't like that we're in different continents now :(

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Awww like what?
I miss you so much! Seriously can't wait for our reunion :D

Muni said...

#8: ur so cute!!!

"Not like you'd be flashing your stretch marks for random guys to see after you have a baby anyway":
that's not the point though. it's about self esteem and body image satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Muni - I was being goofy, not serious.

G said...

Like 3, 6 and 8!!
Hhahaha leave it to Muni to take everything so deeply!
Hmmmm, too much work Muni?

Muni said...

Aynur: oh, I didn't figure!

Jasmine said...

Re: Number 9 - of course you are!
And so am I ;0)
Jasmine xx

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Hey Jasmine - yeah I am too, I guess pressure from other Muslims just gets to me sometimes and makes me feel like being liberal is an excuse to not do/believe certain things in Islam. But then when I get away from these people/opinions, I stop thinking that way.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

#3 I am the same size I was before Layla. The only real difference is that I still have extra skin on my stomach, but I also didn't get any stretch marks. The extra skin will stretch nicely when we go for baby #2 I suppose.

#4 I would only say that I like working out, but I stick to home for it at this point.

#6 I love the sound of the adhaan too.

#9 I think I struggle with that sometimes too. I can't really believe that the Bible or Quran is verbally inerrant. However, I think that the problem is more with humans. I think that God used prophets and writers as well as his creation to reveal himself to us, but didn't want everything to be completely black and white.

#10 I have been to Cairo, but can't say that I miss it too much. It was way too big and crowded for me. I would rather live with some Bedouins in the desert.

Thanks for sharing!

Yasemin said...

1) Yay for skinny vanilla lattes! I also started going with those after gaining weight off the caramel machiattos.

2) Sweetie, go for it! I'm telling you I really pictured a 30 yr old with a PHD and have been dazzled by your writing.

3)Don't worry. Just do a lot of abs and inshallah kids are so worth it.

4) too! And you are fantastic at it!

5) See you'll be fine on #3!

8) They are so cute! I love your fascination with them!

9) I feel the same way which is why I became a Reagan conservative. You can't be pro choice and be Muslim in my estimation, thus voiding the entire Democratic agenda for me.

Love you, cute scrap!

WhiteOrchid said...

2- oh im sure plenty of people will read ur book when u do decide to write it! n dont worry about the criticism, u'll learn to stand up for yourself! :)

9 - i feel that way at times too :S