Saturday, February 6, 2010

7 Things...

I was just tagged by the lovely Jasmine and Aynur :)

1. I love writing a post at night and then waking up the next morning to comments. I really enjoy hearing what everyone has to say and knowing that people actually read my blog :)

2. I love carrot cake more than anything else in the world. I have a piece sitting in the fridge right now, and I'm waiting for the perfect time to eat it :D

3. I really hope I end up back in Cairo one day, insha'Allah. I've really fallen for it, and I don't think Holland is the place for me (as beautiful as it is when it snows).

4. Sometimes it is really hard to be a Muslim. I feel pressure coming from some non-Muslims, and pressure from many Muslims. It's a constant battle to defend your views and ideals and sometimes I really doubt myself.

5. I'm scared I'll never find best friends like the ones I had in Cairo.

6. I miss my mum and my sister, and how we used to go Starbucks every weekend to just talk about nothing.

7. My maternal instincts kicked in 2 months ago when the cutest baby sat on my lap. Her name was Gaby, and she was wearing BABY UGGS. How adorable is that?! Her mum was also wearing uggs, which made it even more cute.


I'm not sure who's already been tagged, so I tag anyone who hasn't done it yet.

(Wanted to add pics to the post but for some reason I can't :(...)


Jasmine said...

Re 1, 4 and 6 - SNAP! ;0) Jasmine xx

Shahirah Elaiza said...

No. 7 brought a smile to my face =) And I love carrot cake too... especially ones with cream cheese frosting, yummeh!

Fatimah said...

Aww I love waking up to comments too! It never gets old :) AND funny, I just had my second ever piece of carrot cake yesterday and I'm mad at myself that I didn't eat it more often because it was DELICIOUS!!

good post :)

Anonymous said...

we miss you too :(
the weekend coffees at starbucks just arent the same without you.

Cait said...

Carrot cake is awesome!!
Keep fighting the good fight, you should be so proud of yourself for knowing who you are and what you believe in! Don't let the haters get you down!

Umm Omar said...

I always love to hear more about you. Love this post, very thoughtful.

Susanne said...

Enjoyed reading these things about you. :)

nadia said...

When I login at work, I check my comments before anything else! And carrot cake is the bestest of all :)

PS: You should've taken a pic of the baby uggs, so we could all go 'awwwww' :p

Shahrazad said...

1. Same here, although it's quite disappointing when I get no comments. Especially, now that I left my blog idle for 3 months, I lost my fans, so sad :(

2. You wouldn't believe it. I actually tried carrot cake some 2 months ago from your constant temptatious comments. I like it :)

4. Always pray for strength!

7. (Picturing the scene).. Awwwww!

Muni said...


Especially the Gaby part!

I'll try to look for her and send you a pic. or not, I don't want to end up in jail, a baby with uggs is one hell of a connected baby!

Wrestling With Religion said...

I think you have more self-restraint than me re the carrot cake... it wouldn't last long in my fridge! There is no wrong time for carrot cake :)

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

I love how carrot cake is a big hit :D Yay! I love anyone who loves carrot cake :D

Jaz said...

I love carrot cake! Even though I haven't spent nearly as long in Cairo as you have, I really love it too, despite its flaws. It's a special place.

Texan in UAE said...

New to your blog. I love carrot cake and I make the best!