Monday, December 7, 2009

Back Home!

So last week I got back to Cairo for a holiday. I was looking forward to it so much that I was sure I would be disappointed. But I've been having the time of my life! It was so nice seeing family, friends, and my cats. I missed my house, my room, my Starbucks, and my gym. All I can think about right now is that I don't want to go back to Holland.

When I left Cairo 6 months ago, I was 100% sure I would love Holland and never come back to Egypt. Egypt was frustrating to the point of it being unbearable. But once I left, I realized that there are so many good things about Egypt too. The people are warm, friendly, talkative. The adaan. The weather. The fact that I had a really nice life here. Holland is nice, but more in terms of material things. The people are very polite but not warm. It takes a while to make friends, and even then, there are strong walls between people.

I know I have to go back, but I'm dreading that day :(

I spent the last 3 days in Dahab, a small city in Sinai by the sea, with some friends. It was very relaxing and I loved it! We saw St. Katherine's, the monastery with the burning bush that is one of Egypt's main tourist attractions.  Some pics:




nadia said...

So it's true when they say that there's no place like home :)

Have a great time!

Cait said...

Egypt looks beautiful! I can't wait to visit someday!
I understand what you mean about people being a bit cold in Amsterdam, they are the same way in Germany! But Im trying to look at it as a challenge, because on the plus side, once you break through the walls you really know that they are your friends.
Dont give up on your new life just yet- there just might be something wonderful waiting for you in Holland!

Aneesah said...

Sometimes you have to leave a place in order to really appreciate it. Im happy your enjoying your agaaza.

Veiled Knight said...

Assalamu Alaikum,
WELCOME HOME!! btw, im Egyptian too..even though i live in California!! Ya Allah we go back home every other year, and every time we're leaving im like crying!!
sallemeely 3ala masr!!
send egypt ma duaa's!!

Bint Khaled

Jaz said...

Cairo is so special, its like a big painting on which history has left its mark along the way.

The pyramids from ancient history, khan el khalily and mosques from the middle ages, the european buildings in downtown, and modern egypt with its companies, international chains, clubs, billboards etc.

I really began to appreciate it. I'm glad you're having such a nice time - I'm sure in time Holland will become home too!

Sara said...

Are you still in Cairo?

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Hey Sara...yes I am!